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What is the connection of physical health to depression and stress?

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Stress anxiety and depression can cause physical ailments. Let's compare our body to a pressure cooker. When he releases his steam (that is, his emotional charge) in a controlled way, he will be able to cook the food happily. But if it can't release steam, its pressure will increase until the cap bursts. A similar situation exists for humans. If we don't suppress and express our emotions, it's only a matter of time before it will eventually burst like a saucepan at its weakest point.

If one of the physical systems in our body has weakened due to excessive stress or depression, it is likely that a disease will develop there. For example, if your neck is your weakest point physically, you will start to have neck pain. Your mental state can cause minor physical symptoms such as these that reduce your quality of life, or it can cause serious physical symptoms or ailments. For example; chronic pains or ulcers in various parts of the body, fibromyalgia, frequent colds, flu, heart ailments, asthma, skin conditions, eczema, cancer, etc.

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I believe this is an excellent question, as many individuals suffer from depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety have a significant impact on our mental health. Our entire body is dependent on our mental health, and if our mental health is compromised, it has an impact on the rest of our body. Our mental health deteriorates as a result of psychiatric disease, and we desire to be alone. We get sluggish over time, and if proper treatment is not sought, we will remain unwell indefinitely. As a result, it's critical to seek effective treatment as soon as possible if you're suffering from depression or anxiety.

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