Relationship of Blood Group and Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

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Relationship of Blood Group and Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is one of the main research topics now a day. This is because that relationship of blood group with susceptibility to COVID -19 is very important to know. As we know that blood group play an important role in development of different disease.

Emergence threat to the whole world is now a day is novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19. As coronavirus disturb and destroy lives on earth similarly this virus also negative effect on world economy. Due to COVID-19 lockdown of major cities of the world started. Due to this huge demage WHO declared this is pandemic to the world. So researcher ans scientist started to find out any relationship of this disease with different possible factors.

Role of Blood Group

Now a day everyone discuss one important finding about COVID-19. This study is about the role of blood group of individuals with the occurance of COVID-19. This study was conducted in China. Main finding of this study is, that all people with A blood type may be more susceptible to the COVID-19 as compared to other tpes of blood group.

This finding is one of the major finding of the present time. This study was conducted by a group of Chinese researchers. The present study was conducted in 03 main hospitals situated in Wuhan and Shenzhen cities of Republic of China. For this study, selected subjects were the patients who were contracted by the COVID-19 virus. Total numbers of enrolled patients in this study was two thousands and one hundred seventy three. All these cases were divided into two groups for comparative groups i.e. A blood group and non A blood group type.

This study showed that people with blood group A is more susceptible to coronavirue as compared to blood type O. Now question arise that how COVID-19 is possible relation to any specific blood type. Another one is that how people with specific blood type is susceptible to this virus and how some other type show resistance to COVID-19 virus.

Possible answer to this question is that protein on the surface of COVID-19 virus bind to sugars on cell surface. For this, experiments were also conducted in cattle, where proteins on the surface bind to sugar molecule and sugar is what which point out the blood group antigen of individual.

All individuals with blood group A, have an extra sugar on the surface of their blood cell which is known as Anacitosal Glucosamine and this sugar molecule is not present in blood cell of individuals having blood group O.

There are also few others microorganisms that cause infection in the human by binding with the sugars on the surface of blood cells. Best example for this phenomenon is another similar disease known as Influenza. The virus responsible for influenza cause infection by binding with sugar molecule on the surface of human cells which is called as Sialic Acid.

Drugs which is used for the treatment of influenza act and inhibit this binding effects to the sugar level. So from here possibility exist for treatment of coronavirus to find out such drugs which also inhibit the binding effect to sugar molecules on cell surface.

This study also pointed out that among study cases 31% of people of the blood group A also showed negative relation with COVID-19. This study is not final so far and in review process so we will awaiting for its final result.


This is an important study about the relationship of Blood Group and Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and concluded that we can say that such kinds of studies play an important role in the control of coronavirus and its diseas and hence releif to the world. By such types of studies scientists and researchers may be able to find ways to cut the chain of this disease. But to reach such a final stage and successful treatment more studies with large number of data is necessary.

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