Role of Foods in the fight against Depression

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Today, Healthy life publishes an important article, Role of Foods in the fight against Depression, written by M. Ali, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar Pakistan.

Depression is one of the common and serious illnesses that negatively affects our feelings, thinking, and different activities. Due to depression, feelings of sadness with or without loss of interest in daily activities occur. So it is very important to take care of it without drugs as different drugs have different side effects. Different types of foods are used for different diseases treatment throughout the world. Similarly, there are different foods present which also show their role in the fight against Depression.

It is estimated that 1 out of 10 people of the world’s population take drugs against depression which is known as antidepressants which means that a shocking number of people are relying on different Pharmaceuticals remedies for something that can be dealt with naturally. For many of these people, and those who are depressed but not taking anything for it, depression can be oblique. Depression can also be managed with diet and lifestyle changes. 

Role of Foods in the fight against Depression

Different studies showed that by increasing physical activity, getting more sunshine, and changing your diet, you can alter your state of mind and beat depression without drugs.

A study published in BMC Medicine showed that a group of people whose experienced moderate to severe level of depression noted improved in their mood and signs of depression by eating a more healthful diet.

A. Turmeric

Role of Foods in the fight against Depression

A recent study published in Phytotherapy Research concluded that the bright yellow spice turmeric is a good source for treating depression and performed its activity against depression better than any antidepressant drugs used for this problem. The antidepressant effects of turmeric were similar when compared directly with the effects of Prozac. Most importantly, when you consider the side effects of antidepressants, turmeric was a clear winner.

B. Green Tea

Role of Foods in the fight against Depression

Green Tea is another important naturally occurring food product; the importance of which shown unlimited and endless, from improving heart health to better brain function. So, it is concluded that Green Tea plays an essential role in the regulation of moods. It contains an essential amino acid called L-theanine, which can help create alpha brain waves. The alpha brain waves have a calming effect and can improve the focus of an individual. Natural News reports show that L-theanine is also an easily absorbed amino acid, which makes its effects immediately.

C. Fish

Role of Foods in the fight against Depression

A lack of Omega-3 fatty acid in an individual diet can lead to mood imbalances, of which depression is one. By adding fatty fish to the diet, imbalances in the body may be improved and correct for body requirements. Different studies showed the importance of omega-3 fats against depression. Few types of research conducted in Scandinavia and Asian regions of the world showed that the areas with high fish intake have a lower incidence of depression. Another important study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry pointed out that populations with less amount of omega-3 fatty acid in their daily diet might have higher depressive disorders.

D. Role of Nuts and Seeds in the fight against Depression

Role of Foods in the fight against Depression

Selenium is an important food supplement that reduces the level of depression as a low level of selenium is linked with poor moods. It is found in grains, Brazil nuts, etc.

Few studies also showed the role of Vitamins B, found in grains and other food supplements, in lowering the level of depression.  Zinc is another supplement having a role in treating depression found in grains, beans, and nuts.

These all food supplements can boost mood by increasing energy production and stimulating serotonin production, which is one of the chemicals responsible for a better mood. Pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts are perfect choices.

Despite what your doctor may tell you and how depression makes you feel, you do not need only drugs to get better soon. By changing your diet and lifestyle, you can begin to feel immediate relief from the grips of depression.

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